PRODUCTS  I  USE: When I started creating, often trial and error could take years.  Throughout those years , just researching the best products to use has taken a lot of my time.  I feel that people find it a huge hurdle with their artistic journey and become discouraged just trying to figure out "what to use".  I wanted to share what small amount of knowledge I have and what has worked best for me.  I eventually would love to add tutorials, but with children time is something hard to come by.  If you ever have a question, please contact me!  Here are some products I use currently for my stickers, flowers, and prints.  

  STICKERS (these are what my son & I use to make our stickers):

I use Canon printers for all my art related printing.  The smaller Pixma is great for everyday use or in my case printing stickers.  I also have bought matte sticker paper from Online Labels.  I  didn't link this, but I also use Procreate & Adobe Illustrator (this is still in the beta stage) on an iPad pro or Illustrator on my computer.  You can create designs with almost any software & don't need to spend a lot of money to start.  I also love and use Sticker Mule to print out large quantities of stickers. 

You may have seen my tutorial, so I will get right down to the products.  After some research I felt that the Jamit machine was middle of the road.  You can purchase one that is cheaper or the more expensive brands I linked called the Addi.  The price also seems to fluuate and may be pricier closer to the holidays.  I linked the 48, 40, and 22 needle machines.  You can also buy them directly on the website, which can be cheaper, but are still fulfilled by Amazon (the site may look sketchy, but I ordered a smaller one and didn't have any trouble) .  I have seen different sizes of faux fur puffs on Etsy or other places, you can google it to find them.  I also linked embroider needles and tapestry needles.  If you purchase the machine it will come with different sizes of the tapestry needles.  

 Knitting Machine (what I use to make hats):


 PAPER FLOWERS (these are items I prefer using):

I do get a majority of my supplies off of Amazon, shipping is fast and free.  But, you can find many of these items elsewhere...scissors and a good quality wire cutter are important.  I prefer to have a low temp. glue gun, it minimizes burns.  I get 6" glue sticks over 4", that way you don't have to stop as often to refill your gun.  I buy different gauges of wire, but prefer bind wire for my "berries".  I always buy Italian or German crepe paper.  I tend to mix a heavier glue with a lighter one for my laminating process. I also use any kind of acrylic paint or use PanPastels with a mop brush.  Floristywarehouse on Amazon is from the UK and shipping does take a little more time, but it's free and I have never waited longer than a week.  I included the colors I have purchased the most from them. 


I have also bought paper Cartefini or 32 North .

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